Automate the Hunt

Neverhunt is a virtual search assistant to help you with Talent and Job hunt


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For Job Seekers

A virtual agent to understand your skills, career interests, find relevant jobs that match and help you get hired.

What do we do?

Understand your background and skills

match with hiring needs in the company

Recommend and get feedback

making sure it alignes with your preferences and skills

get your feedback on job recommendations

Contact hiring manager and get you an interview.

all the above with


Neverhunt will take the hassle of the job hunt process

For companies

a. Virtual agent to understand your business needs and help you hire the right person.

a. Understand your needs

b. Our algorithm will match your needs with job seekers skills and interest

c. Neverhunt will perform a prelim skill assesment to determine good fit

d. Neverhunt will help schedule an interview when both parties agree

All these without having to depend on


recruiter skill gap bottleneck

Our system can translate your requirements and improve based on your response

we can build a requirement for you, our system can determine what you are looking for


it is available 24/7

Our system can create the right assessment quiz to quickly test seekers skills

it acts like a virtual recruiter that is available all the time,

cut the hiring time in half

avoid recruiters guess work when hiring tech talent




You might be an artist who would like to introduce yourself and your work here or maybe you’re a business with a mission to describe.



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